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We started this gym with one goal in mind, help as many people get in the best shape of their lives. We have been helping the East Hawaii community reach their health and fitness goals for nearly five years now. Our passion for helping people is evident in our coaching, programming and community. Our community is diverse across ages, professions and abilities.


The workouts are always tough, but nothing worth having ever came easy. All workouts are scalable and easily modified by any of our experienced coaches. Just like life can vary from day to day so do our workouts. We use dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, ropes and our own bodies as our tools. We take those tools and apply them to functional movements and squat, press, pull, carry, throw, run and jump. We combine those tools and movements in infinite ways to create an energetic, effective and efficient training program that can be used by anyone.

Do not be satisfied with good enough, we set the bar high to keep you moving in the right direction. Only by setting an expectation of excellence can we be sure as coaches and athletes that we are making forward progress on our goals. Remember it's a process and will take time, be patient and you will achieve your goals.

Eat clean, sleep well and stay hydrated and most importantly have fun getting in shape.

CrossFit Hilo Iron is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of cultivating an IRON mindset with the sole purpose  of creating an IRON body. Thank you for choosing us and welcome to the Iron Ohana.