how it works

Our group classes are designed to improve General Physical Preparedness (GPP) or your bodies ability to be generally ready to perform any physical task (run, jump, lift, carry, pull, push, etc.). To maximize the benefits of our programs each individual needs to be pain free with no mobility restrictions.

There are many individuals who may have a physical limitation due to an overuse injury (carpal tunnel, back pain, sciatica, shoulder impingement, etc.), injury related limitation (torn acl, dislocated shoulder, etc.) or a biological limitation (uneven limb length,  etc.). These limitations create compensation patterns that can lead to longer term pain, keeping you from ultimately enjoying a healthy life.


The good news is there is a way out of the pain. Our intro program will identify, assess and work to correct your individual limitations, if any, that will hinder progress if left unchecked. There is a better way if your ready to take the next step.


Your fitness journey will be begin with a FREE 30-minute consultation. Tour the gym, see how our classes work and ask any questions you may have. If everything is to your satisfaction, we'll finish with a short questionnaire to help us tailor your customized Intro Program.

no sweat intro


We customize your Intro Program based on your responses during the consultation. We begin by working through your predetermined number of Intro sessions to ensure you have adequate time to develop the basic mobility and skills to participate in the group classes.

intro program


Once you've completed all your sessions of the Intro Program you can then join the group classes, sign-up for personal training and continue your fitness journey with the Iron Ohana.

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